Safe / Secure / Private

Best Serverside On The Market.

Powerful features

Tons of cutting end features to use however you'd like.


Exoliner features security to ensure the GUI has a hard time being cracked.​


Instantly receive Exoliner and whitelist yourself after buying without having to wait for any support or staff.

High Quality UI

Exoliner features one of the smoothest and sleekest User Interfaces to enhance your experience.


Exoliner features a Custom Command Bar with 200+ commands to mess around with.


Customize Exoliner however you'd like, change any color, background and more with the settings tab.

Purchase Process


Buy - Buy Exoliner using either Credit/Debit Card or Apple Pay.


Check your email - After buying check your email for a key. (note: Exoliner codes start with "EXO-")


Redeem - Redeem the key on the buyer website and make sure to fill in the rest of the form at


Whitelist - Lastly simply login with your discord that you whitelisted along with your roblox account at and view the game logs.


Commonly Asked Questions

We accept either Credit/Debit Card or Apple Pay.

Exoliner isn’t downloadable as it is internal. This means you just need to join one of the backdoored games and you’ll get Exoliner! No extra installations needed besides Roblox!

You get Exoliner instantly after buying, just follow the instructions in our discord and whitelist yourself!

No, doing so will get you permanently blacklisted from Exoliner. 

This happens rarely whenever a staff member is occupied, please wait patiently!

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